When I am in exploration, improvisation, and play, beneath any story lines about what I am doing or where I am going, the more moments of synchronicity and epiphanies seem to arise in my work. I view my art as a practice; meaning I show up on a regular basis, mostly daily, and through the process of engagement, I riff with a variety of different media and processes. Sometimes this happens in silence, but often I’m working accompanied by music, specifically jazz; and while I’m not making music, it feels like there’s some kind of mirroring of improvisatory processes and impulses happening.

In all my work I am drawn to the physicality of making: scraping, scratching, erasing, tearing, cobbling things together, mark making via lines, dots, fragments (of forms, words,  etc.) drips, accidental marks, found marks; layers, textures, color, shapes; and riffing on each, or some kind of a combination of all.

I live in northern CA, USA.